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When your spirit is not at peace

I have not done a blog in quite some time. Every time I got ready to sit down and type, something came up that prevented me from being still long enough to put my thoughts down. Life is life, and we all have experienced our up and down moments, but when the bad is happening constantly and the good has to be searched for with a fine tooth comb, it can become overwhelming.

This was my scenario the end of last year leading into earlier this year. My life seemed to be spinning out of control and I had no way to stop the ball from rolling; or so I thought. Rock bottom finally came....that place of brokenness, unforgiveness, anger, and asking God, "Why me; what have I done?" In the muddleness of conflicts and confusion that was my current condition at that time, something wonderful happened. Something happened that put my life in a different perspective; even though it seemed like the world was crumbling around me. God gave me peace about everything. The situations were the same, but it did not bother me like they were doing before. I put everything in God's capable Hands and left them there, and He took care of them for me. He stood for me when I was not in a position to stand for myself. He loves us just that much. I was able to resume life and some of the situations were taken care of instantly, while some took some time; but they all were worked out.

So now here I sit at 10:47pm on a Wednesday night. I sit here typing this blog and sincerely happy to be back at it. I have had many great things to happen in my life since late April; one I will announce in about two weeks; but once again, life is taking a cobble-stoned side street to turn on. In the journey of life, it happens that way sometimes. This time, the good that is happening in my life is outweighing the bad, but the bad is so significant that it wants to overshadow the good. The blessing this time though is that I know that God has already given me peace, so I am not in that place I was at the beginning of the year. I have my moments, like today when just seems like a lot was going on at one time, and I could not get my thoughts and spirit together on one accord. My source of joy was my grandson who I went and picked up yesterday. After I put him to bed, I was going to watch Court Cam, but the Lord said to come back here in my office and write. I did not feel like dealing with this slow laptop, or deal with myself, but I came back here in obedience. I am happy to be writing because it gives me a sense of calm and focus.

So what have you not dealt with that may be the answer you need in your quest for peace? What has God put in your spirit to do, but you have found time to do everything else except what He has told you to do? Whatever your 'Walk by faith and not by sight' move is, step out on faith and just do it...start...begin...motivate yourself to get going. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so what are you waiting for. There will never be a perfect time in the natural, but through the Spirit, God's timing is always perfect.

When He give us the vision, He will also give us provision; trust Him and move!

Share your thoughts and catch me next Wednesday...


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