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Making a Difference

This weeks podcast was a challenge because, no matter how much adversity we each have faced in life, the trials of others leave you feeling drained and thinking that you wish you could do more. This week will be only the 2nd time I have read emails for the podcast but emotionally it is taxing to read what others are going through and it pulls on my spirit. My heart yearns to try to reach and help each person. I want to have the answers to every email and be available for every person but that is unrealistic and not possible. You can never be 'seasoned' enough to hear certain things and it just fly by you without some type of reaction. So what do you do? How can you prepare yourself to face adverse news or situations without being affected by it? I personally think there is no way to prepare for such instances but we can pray to ask God for strength to be able to handle difficult circumstances when they arise. Pray to be able to stand to be able to assist and not be a hinderance in times of turmoil. Being able to show a human side, but still exhibit strength, reflects how God created each of us. To be compassionate but objective and using discernment allows us to help without taking on the trials of others emotionally. We have to be able to distinguish the difference between aiding with the trials and aiding in the trials. We can be supportive and be the strength that those that are oppressed need in their times of trouble so that they will be able to do the same one day OR we can fall victim to the trial and be emotionally led and pulled into a situation and not be of any help at all.

We can also make the mistake of holding on to too much of our past to be able to properly assist others. We can use our past to be an anchor but not as a crutch. We cannot help others to stand if we cannot stand ourselves. Looking in the mirror of time should propel you to be an asset not pull you into being a liability.

We are living in crucial times and it is important that our strength and emotions are aligned and work together. We can do more harm than good if we lead with our feelings and holding on to the past instead of letting God guide us and be led by His strength. He will guide us into what and how we are to be of the best help to those that need us but we must be open to being led by God. We can say we are but our actions speak louder than any words we can say.

Be sure to listen to this weeks PODCAST!


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