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Our Words Have Power!

It may seem strange that no matter how much we think we deserve better; we doubt that we are worth it. We can applaud others when they succeed, but feel that success is beyond our grasp. Why? Why do we cast doubt on our own abilities? This answer will differ from person to person, but the common denominator is that we do not see ourselves as able to stretch beyond what we are already doing, so then we believe we just cannot do it. We all have heard people say that it is easier to stick to the norm, that they are certain they can do, than to try something new and fail; then they will suggest you do the same. How do they know they are going to fail if they have not even tried? Because we have to go back to how they see themselves and how they seamlessly limit their capabilities to answer that question.

Many people, including myself, practice morning affirmations, prayer, or positive phrases to begin their day. If we start the day on a positive note, and refuse to let doubt creep in, then we may be able to cope better when our day does not go as planned. We will not fall into a state of self-doubt or depression because we started the morning off positive.

Our Words have power and we can use our words in a positive or negative way. What we say to ourselves can absolutely cause us to not stretch out and try anything different because we are already stuck in a place of 'I can't'. As long as we think and say we can't, then we won't. When we change how we look at things and how we verbalize it, we will begin to see a change, and even if it is something you cannot do at that particular time, you had the courage to try; maybe even be able to try another approach all together next time.

You deserve every good thing that comes your way. You deserve to give yourself a chance. You deserve to put stock in your own worth, and when you do, just see what begins to come your way.

Be on the lookout for next weeks' blog and let me know your thoughts on this. I will also be sharing a great surprise next week so keep an eye out...


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