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Intentional Accidents

There are many things, or occurrences, that can happen in the course of a day that can cause us to say, “OOPS!” Most of the time, it is when an accident has occurred and it is usually followed by a very remorseful, “I’m sorry” “My apologies” “I didn’t mean to do that” etc. In this blog post though, I am not talking about the incidental accidents, but the intentional ones. You see, all accidents are not incidental, and all mishaps are not chance encounters.

Back in the day, there was this thing where you could intentionally get someone to bump you in the back of your vehicle so that they would be in the wrong and you could get insurance money-rather they were in the wrong or not. Or someone setting their house on fire deliberately, but making it look like an accident for insurance purposes. Most of the time, it was either both parties that entered into a dishonest agreement so that both could gain, or one person who used someone who just happened to be the right place at the wrong time to inadvertently help them with their scheme. It was happening so often that insurance companies began to do further investigations into an incident to get to the root of what actually happened because some people would do it two or three times a year.

People would have businesses that were about to fold, or go into bankruptcy, so instead of filing the necessary papers, they burn their business to the ground to get insurance money so they could begin another business….and who has not looked at a one of the crime shows where a spouse killed their mate, and made it look like some type of accident, so that they could collect an insurance policy? They would absolutely look innocent, crying, acting like they did not know what was going on, and that they were going to miss their mate that they loved so much; until the truth came out!

In some instances though, people can do things to us to make it look like they did not mean to, but they actually did have ill intent. For example, you tell someone something that is supposed to be between you and them, and while they are in a conversation with someone else, they let it ‘SLIP’ what you told them. That is not an accident. That is intentional malice behavior to tell the business of someone who trusted you with it. Or what about people, who have trusted friends or family, that they let hold the keys to their house or bank card just in case something happens, but they ‘ACCIDENTLY’ find their way into your house without you knowing and help themselves to your items, or take money out of your account and you do not catch it until you get your statement; if even then. You cannot mistakenly walk on someone’s porch, put the key in the door, go in, and take things that are not yours. You also cannot drive to the ATM, put the other person’s card in, enter their PIN, and take out their money that you have no right to.

We are inundated into a ‘Trust System!’ We feel we know someone, so we automatically give them access to our lives, but how many of us have watched ‘American Greed’ and know that this is how the criminal element works; but it is not always the criminal element that can harm us with intentional accidents. The enemy uses people, jealousy, personal greed, and many other instances could cause someone to ‘accidentally’ do something to someone. Why would they do this? Many of reasons, but the biggest is to make it seem like, “Yes, an accident happened, but you can trust me because I would never intentionally hurt you and I really did not mean to!”-when all the time, misleading you is the intent.

So what can we do because we have to have people around us we can trust? Well, as redundant as this sounds, we have to be praying, but also do our part not to dismiss something that our spirit is telling us that we should pay attention to. Do not be so willing and open to share your intimate self with just anyone or hand over your keys, cards, etc. to someone based on a feeling. Do not be a sitting duck and a victim. Do not overthink it, but also if it does not feel right in your spirit, maybe it is worth checking out, or if you feel like you should not give this person your keys, do not do it!

I thank my followers for their patience. Blogs will begin every Sunday beginning in January. There may be one more this year on a Wednesday.

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