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God Will Move When You Least Expect!

When life has been difficult, it is hard to think that God will move for you. We trust Him, believe in Him, and watch Him open tremendous doors for others, but cannot imagine Him moving that way on our behalf. We may see glimpses, but wonder about the Fullness. We get comfortable with a little and figure that is all God will do for us, so we are happy to just be loved by Him. We get complaciant, and appreciate all that He does, but do not expect more because we do not want to seem like we are ungrateful. Maybe I am just speaking about me. I love God, and was content with the special way that He blesses me.

On July 9th, I received this lengthy email. Now I get plenty of solicitations about my first book, but not for 'A Window Without A View.' This book barely sold 100 copies and I was questioning why I even wrote it because 'Issues of the Male-Heart; When His Issues Becomes Your Issues' was the main book. The book that spoke of abuse, but also was more light- hearted. 'A Window...' starts off gritty and got to the core and ugliness of domestic abuse and ultimately child abuse. The content alone was one that we may talk about, but not one for reading it. So when I saw they sought me out because of this book, I did respond, and a series of emails led to my first podcast being aired on Monday on various formats. Myself, and 2 young ladies that are close to me, were messaging about podcasting but I did not see this coming at all. God blessed me mighitly with something very unexpected with a book that I basically had given up on. This taught me a valuable lesson about Expectation and Counting Things Out. God already knew what He was going to do, but I only looked at the number of copies sold.

God is just so awesome and He wants us to depend on Him. We can know this, but not really know this for ourselves.

I am in Awe of Him and how He blesses this girl from Estill, SC. He never ceases to amaze me.

Check out my new podcast by clicking on this title... A Woman's Soul Restored


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