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When Life Takes A Turn

To wake up each day is a privilege that we take for granted sometimes. We just assume when we go to sleep, that we are going to wake up, but life teaches us through loved ones, friends, coworkers, etc. that line of thinking is not that simple. We all have lost someone close to us and we know how that pain feels. A sense of emptiness and feeling unfulfilled, and depending who we lost, probably a sense of loneliness. Because we do not know the day or the hour, we are all susceptible to leave our loved ones with the same questions we have when it is our time. We may even question why death had to come to that person.

Most of us have learned how to cope with death and to even help others that may be having a hard time accepting a devastating loss. We can deal with the death of a loved one, but sometimes when our plans and God plans for us are not in sync, we cannot accept that. It feels like a loss because if we have our hearts set on something, and our passion is wrapped up in it, but then we get signs and ultimately confirmation from God that our path is not His path for us, it truly feels like a death. We think we know what is best for us, but if we think about it, the Giver of Life will surely know above all else what is best for us, but we are human, and we can become resentful or remorseful if we have already fully invested in the life we wanted only to find out that we are wrong. I will not necessarily say that we are wrong, but to say that maybe we did not fully seek God before we moved forward. It may have seemed like the right thing to do, or maybe it just felt right so we did it. God gave us a mind to think and to use wisdom, but we still have to seek Him in all of our movements; even the ones we consider a good cause or that we are sure about. If you talk to some people, they will tell you that their lives took a turn or they began a new career later in life. Some will also say they went to school for one thing, and ended up going back to change their major. Life happens but we must be open to realize that sometimes, we must take a detour and find a new route to reach our destination.

Live Life Now Love Life Now!

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