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A Really Bad Infection

As a child, I was always sick with different ailments and would easily catch colds. I would be in and out of the hospital for asthma attacks and various sicknesses, but one time when I was around 9, I was in the hospital for an infection that started out as something simple, but because it did not get treated, it turned into something life threatening. I can remember my grandmother and my sisters crying because the report from the doctor was not good, but after being referred to a hospital in Charleston, an injection of antibiotics cleared it up and I was restored to normalcy.

An infection can be caused by microorganisms invading tissue. The enemy is an microorganism invading our tissue; joy and peace. An enemy invades and tries to bring destruction. Satan's job is to destroy us by any means necessary but Jesus is our antibiotic; our cure-all for every infection.

Be gone satan; we are who Our Father says we are and we will have what He says we will have...


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