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Subconscious Judgments

Have you ever been judged by how you look or maybe the clothes you had on? How about being judged because you believe certain things or eat differently than others? Mostly we focus on a person being judged by their color, but you would be surprised at the things we judge subconsciously.

A persons choice of hair color or hair style, their makeup, shoes, how their clothes actually fit, even how they raise their children. We look at what we can see in the natural but do we really know a person or only what we see? It is something to think about. The person next door that ended up being a rapist or killer that we hear people say, " They didn't look like they would do something like that!" or the homeless person who can sing, but nobody gave them the benefit of the doubt because of how they looked.

Have you ever been on the judgmental side? I think if we are honest, we all have had our moments of looking at a person and resonating according to how they looked without getting to know the person. We live in a fast-paced society where everyone is on the go so our time is limited to get to find out about a person but we got plenty time to talk and judge.

This week, be mindful that we do not fall into this trap. Don't judge the outward appearance but look at the heart; just as we want others to look at our hearts and not how we look.


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