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May 16, 1967-

May 16, 1967-

My blog two weeks ago touched on dreams being buried in the graveyard. We are already in a new month and a little under 3 months before we will be in another year. Time is not standing still but some of us are. Our hands are idle.

I saw a movie some years ago where this lady found out she had only 4-6 months to live so she decided to do all the things she wanted to do to fulfill her dreams before she died; including opening her dream bakery that she was afraid to pursue before she received her terminal diagnosis. She moved with a sense of urgency. She did end up passing 4 1/2 months after her diagnosis. She left her bakery to her daughter telling her not to be like her and to follow her dreams and live this most precious life to the fullest. What if she didnt go to the doctor regularly and just ended up withering away without knowing when she was going to pass? How do you think the story would have ended?

We play Russian Roulette with our dreams daily. We keep saying what we intend on doing, and writing ideas down on paper, but nothing comes to fruition. We even bounce ideas off of others but are unable to go past the 'talking' stage.

None of us know the day or the hour that we will leave this earth. Even if we get a generalized date, its just that; generalized. As long as you only have a dash after your born date, and not an end date, you have time to live your best life and not leave nothing on the table; regardless of your age. Ask God to Stir Up the Gifts That Are In You!

Do not let your dreams end up 6 feet under in a cold casket where life and possibilities no longer exists.


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