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A Woman's Soul: Restored Podcast

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A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast talks about rediscovering hope, happiness, and the things that can happen in life that can seem to take away your essence.  Latonia, and her guest, focus on the traumas that may have made you a victim and discuss measures that can be implemented to turn that negative into VICTORY.  Topics are discussed that are hard to hear but necessary for growth, vitality, and a newness in life after a trauma.  A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast is discovering ways to heal, make whole, and bring fulfillment back to lives by sharing real life stories, empowerment, and next-level living; and how you can get there from where you are right NOW!

                      New Episodes every Sunday!

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Season 4 Episode 17      04/07/24

On The Road to Recovery: The Journey- Commentary with Latona Y. Hendry

Life, and all it's characteristics, can put us in a tail-spin emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and yes physically. Many things that can happen to us on this journey of life can cause us to question the core and essence of who we are. The position of vunerability from what we go through can turn our life upside down. So what do we do? How can we bounce back from being knocked down by life?

Join Latonia this week as she does commentary on 'The Road to Recovery; the Journey" as she discusses her on journey of coming back from a series of life's occurances.



Season 4 Week 16     03/10/24


It's Email Week...When You Cannot Put A Name To It!" Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry.


Email Week is always an exciting time for the 'A Womans Soul: Restored' podcast. On this episode, emails are read from Arizona, California, Georgia, SC, and NY along with 2 Facebook comments from the podcast link being shared in different groups.

Latonia takes us down a reflective road as she reads emails and shares commentary from her previous episode, 'When You Cannot Put A Name On It!'







Season 4 Episode 15   2/25/24

Emotional Health: When You Cannot Put A Name To It!

Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry


Some things can hit us so hard emotionally until we can go through the motions of life emotionally unattached. There is not a descriptive to what we are feeling but we just know that we are not feeling like ourself and we cannot put a name on it.

Join Latonia this week as she discusses going through this very issue and the importance of our emotional wellbeing.









Season 4 Episode 14       2/11/24


When Is Enough Enough...Pressure!


It is called 'Pressure' for a reason. When enough stress, disappointment, anger, sadness, etc is built up, to the point that you cannot take anymore, when it does release, it is like steam that has been compressed that is now free. Why does it get to that point and how does pressure redefine who we are as wonen?

Join Latonia this week as she discusses what pressure does to women in long-term relationships.










Season 4 Episode 13       1/28/24

7 Unconventional Ways To Keep Your Children Safe! Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry


Children...they are a joy, our grounding place, our teachable moments, they can cause us to feel like pulling our hair out then turn around and have us crying because of something they have achieved.

One thing they are is naive and very trusting. That is why they need us to keep their best interest at heart and to protect them. We need to use our adult minds to think for their child minds. We cannot expect them to automatically know what their minds cannot comprehend yet.

Join Latonia this week as she names and discusses 7 unconventional ways to keep your children safe.




Season 4 Episode 12     1/21/24


How Do You Start Over From Nothing? Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry


Life is full of trials that lead to lessons. It may seem hard but even starting over has a lesson in it. One of the hardest things you will ever do in life is be brave and strong enough to get out of a domestic situation, start fresh from a deep hurt, beginning over from counceling, and entering your healing journey.

There are 3 determining factors that either aid or hinder your 'starting over' journey. Join Latonia this week as she discusses these factors and her own 'starting over' journey!








Season 4 Episode 11      1/14/24


"It's Email Week!"


I love doing Email Week because it allows me to share with others so we all can learn. I appreciate each of you that listen and email in. Email Week is always my highest rated episodes and this week, we have emails from Sacramento, Ca., Ashville, NC., Yonkers, N.Y., and Olympia, Wa.

Contact me about being a guest!

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