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A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast talks about rediscovering hope, happiness, and the things that can happen in life that can seem to take away your essence.  Latonia, and her guest, focus on the traumas that may have made you a victim and discuss measures that can be implemented to turn that negative into VICTORY.  Topics are discussed that are hard to hear but necessary for growth, vitality, and a newness in life after a trauma.  A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast is discovering ways to heal, make whole, and bring fulfillment back to lives by sharing real life stories, empowerment, and next-level living; and how you can get there from where you are right NOW!

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Season 3 Episode 7    9/21/22


"Restored From Doubt: Sometimes You Have To Encourage Yourself!" with Patricia E. Wiggins-Plummer


There are factors that can cause us to feel a certain way about ourselves. Feelings of lowliness, no self-worth, fear, anxiousness, nervousness, etc. Those emotions can then affect our emotional health and well-being and cause us not to trust ourselves or the decisions we make. Latonia has a conversation with returning guest from season 1, " Restored From Self-Mutilation!" Patricia E. Wiggins-Plummer as they discuss how doubt affects us negatively and they talk about how to counteract and restore the feelings of self-worth, respect, and love.








Season 3 Episode 6 9/14/22


"When Our Trust Is Violated By Someone We Are Supposed To Trust!" Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry


Sexual abuse, in any form, is a clear violation of a persons mind, body, and spirit. It adds a level of hurt, shame, and mistrust that can turn into self-blame and hatred. There is a feeling of lowness that accompanies any type of abuse. This is further exasperated if the perpetrator is someone of a particular status. A singer, politician, actor, comedian, or even in the realm of a teacher or pastor that adds another layer of shame and feeling like you are climbing a never-ending mountain that you cannot hide from. Not only have you been violated physically but being dragged through the media, sometimes deemed as a liar or portrayed as a villian, further victimizes and intimidates someone. Join Latonia this week as she discusses, "When Our Trust Is Violated By Someone We Are Supposed To Trust!"




Season 3 Episode 5     9/7/22  


"When The Sistership Goes To The Left!" Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry


Sistership is the cross between a female friend to another female, that is so close, that they are considered a sister; hence sister + friendship. The Sistership between two or more women is a beautiful proposal of the ambiance and grace of the ultimate of friendships. But...what happens when that breach is broken? What happens when the woman/women that are closest to you cause you hurt and pain? The emotional shock that occurs when the ultimate of mistrusts happens can absolutely cause an internal level of insecurity and trauma than can prevent future relationships with women. Listen in as Latonia breaks down the interpersonal relationships between women and why they sometimes go awry. This episode is dedicated to Corrine 'Gin' Singleton November 12, 1964-July 9, 2022. 30 years of true Sistership up until the very end!



Season 3 Episode 4    8/24/22

"Pay Attention to the Symptoms; 30 Minutes Longer And...!" with Min. Gloria Loyd


We go along from day to day not really paying attention to the functions of our limbs or organs. We walk, talk, hear, taste, smell, our heart beats, we are able to see, we can think and process, etc but we act as if our functions are automatic and disregard the fact that our body can shift to a state of imbalance if only one function is off. Think about what would happen if we begin to experience unexplainable internal changes in our bodies that eventually intensifies until... Join Latonia as she has a conversation with Min. Gloria Loyd as she shares a life-altering experience as they discuss paying attention to the symptoms and the serious ramifications if we do not. Tune in!







Season 3 Episode 3    8/17/22


"The Trauma of Not Being Good Enough!" Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry


Unfortunately we live in a society that is primarily based on things instead of the consideration of people. What we have and what we do not have. Who we know and who we don't know. Our jobs, neighborhoods, even where we send our children to school can factor in our acceptablity with others. We try to fit in, and be socially accepted, but either through bad choices or circumstances beyond our control, the wall makes it impossible to get over if you do not fit the mold. This week, Latonia gives commentary on an issue that she is involved with right now and enlightens us on the biases and stigmas of a artifical standard that can cause deep emotional trauma; The Trauma of Not Being Good Enough!


Season 3 Episode 2   8/10/22


"Trauma of The Voice" Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry

On a day to day basis, we encounter so many experiences that can land us on a direct path with Trauma. One person may be able to go through the same trials with ease whereas someone else may break under the pressure going through the same situation. How does it work then when, not only you are going through a variant of circumstances, but then your mind begins to betray you when you need it the most. When your thoughts leave you feeling worse than the situations that we are going through. What do you do when 'The Voices' become too much to bare? Tune in this week as Latonia discusses The Trauma of The Voice.


































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