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A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast talks about rediscovering hope, happiness, and the things that can happen in life that can seem to take away your essence.  Latonia, and her guest, focus on the traumas that may have made you a victim and discuss measures that can be implemented to turn that negative into VICTORY.  Topics are discussed that are hard to hear but necessary for growth, vitality, and a newness in life after a trauma.  A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast is discovering ways to heal, make whole, and bring fulfillment back to lives by sharing real life stories, empowerment, and next-level living; and how you can get there from where you are right NOW!

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Season 2 Episode 40   4/20/22


Topic: "Your Timing is Not My Timing!" Commentary with Latonia Hendry

Healing is a process and if differs for each individual. None of us do anything exactly alike; even if it's a step-by-step directive. We learn at a different rate, process at a different pace; and even if we are in a group setting with a planned format, someone is going to receive and apply the information ahead of someone else. There is a hidden danger in rushing someone's healing that is experiencing trauma. Join Latonia as she talks about processing a traumatic event and how vital it is to not put pressure on others to, 'just get over it'. She will also give tips on how to avoid an assult so click the link and tune in!





Season 2 Episode 39    4/13/22


Georgette D. Jackson


Topic: "A Journey of the Heart!" 

This week, Latonia's guest is Authoress and Motivational Speaker Georgette Jackson. In 2008, Georgette founded Divine Rest, Inc. A 501(C)3 organization which assist single homeless women with a goal of purchasing a home to help them get back on their feet. Her organization also assist the local homeless population in Savannah, Ga but her work is recognized outside of the Savannah area. She also has suffered many tragedies in her life. She will discuss this and how God gave her the strength to get through her losses and how she motivates others through her books and public speaking when we have a conversation about, "A Journey of the Heart!"

Ways to reach Georgette:







(Cell) 912-441-5564


Season 2 Episode 38   4/6/22


Topic: "It's Email Week" with Latonia Hendry

This week, Latonia hosts another episode with emails. Her first email episode was her highest rated segment so now she is doing it again. This time she is reading four emails from a variety of listeners and giving her perspective to help them achieve a positive result. Listen in and feel free to continue sharing and sending those emails to awomanssoulrestored@gmail.com




Season 2 Episode 37 3/30/22


Topic: "Women HERSTORY Month; Your Story For His Glory!" Commentary with Latonia Hendry

This week, Latonia recaps guests Colleen Cooper, Nischa Phair, Veronica Stanford, and Sharon Burrell's episodes and reflects on key points from each podcast. She then discusses the importance of the stories that each of us have and how they can be healing us and a 'releasing' for others. March is designated as Women History Month but each month is a celebration of the stories that each of us have. Our stories are for God's Glory...HERSTORIES!

Colleen Cooper's Book:


Nischa Phair's eBook:


Min. Veronica Stanford's Book:

Broken Down To Breakthrough: How I Made It Over https://www.amazon.com/.../ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i...

Pastor Sharon Burrell's Book:

https://www.amazon.com/Love.../dp/1736431455/ref=sr_1_1... book


Season 2 Episode 36 (3/23/22)


Pastor Sharon A. Burrell


Topic: "Identity Theft: Restored Memories!"

This week, Latonia has a conversation with, returning guest from Season 1, Pastor and Author Sharon A. Burrell. Their discussion mainly centers around when a memory from your past is remembered and the process that happens to our minds, soul, and spirit to adhere to that memory. Some incidents, from an earlier time in life, can be so traumatic until we can forget the incident in our adulthood. The memory is still there but it is suppressed. Pastor Burrell also talks about her new book, 'Love Filled Lies; Through the Windows of My Mind' available now on Amazon. Listen in on the conversation!

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