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A Woman's Soul: Restored Podcast


A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast talks about rediscovering hope, happiness, and the things that can happen in life that can seem to take away your essence.  Latonia, and her guest, focus on the traumas that may have made you a victim and discuss measures that can be implemented to turn that negative into VICTORY.  Topics are discussed that are hard to hear but necessary for growth, vitality, and a newness in life after a trauma.  A Woman's Soul Restored Podcast is discovering ways to heal, make whole, and bring fulfillment back to lives by sharing real life stories, empowerment, and next-level living; and how you can get there from where you are right NOW!

                      New Episodes every Wednesday!

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Season 3 Episode 15. 11/16/22


"When The Family Structure Is Broken!" Commentary with Latonia Y. Hendry


The fabric of who we are is centered around those family ties that keep us grounded. Our mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, that make up our family structure and biological unit, are key into shaping the type of adult we will be and are the people we look to for guidance, strength, and love. What happens when those structures break down? What happens to the child that has to wing it on their own? How important is family really? Listen in as Latonia talks about the importance of the family unit and how she coped when she did not have that vital composition.




Season 3 Episode 14 11/9/22


Wisdom Talk: "Don"t Let The Memories of Abuse Consume Your Life!" with Latonia Hendry


Nightmares, day visions, thoughts, and flashes from the past can take over your life and ruin it. Those things that cause disruptions in our lives can slowly cause us to fall apart if we do not learn how to manage those images when they happen. The emotions that we felt during our abuse can follow us for years after and cause us to second guess, live in fear, and have us be a fraction of the person we once were. Listen in as Latonia gives a 'Talk' on the Wisdom Platform concerning this life-altering situation.





Season 3 Episode 13 11/2/22


What Time Is It? It's Email Week with Latonia Hendry


I appreciate each email that is sent to It is my honor to be trusted with the innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions of my listeners. This is the first Email week for Season 3 and it is starting with a BANG. This segment, I will be reading emails from California, Washington, Arizona of the United States and Nigeria.










Season 3 Episode 12 10/26/22

Replay of Season 2 Episode 19 'Restored From Living A Double Life!' with Alison Bacon


As survivors of Domestic Violence, sharing our stories is one of our main agendas. Every time we share, it is freeing to realize that God saved us and brought us out of a situation that was meant to destroy us. To know that our stories can set others free, and let them know that there is life after domestic violence, gives us new life each time. Though our stories are different, we share a common theme; we made it. To celebrate those that survived, and honor those who lost their lives to the horror that is domestic violence, it is my honor to replay the most listened to episode from all seasons so far. We celebrate one another as domestic violence awareness month comes to an end but we live to advocate and fight on!


Season 3 Episode 11 10/19/22


"The Secrecy of Abuse!" with Susan


Abuse can leave scars that are hidden deep within our emotions. Those are the scars that cannot be seen but are definately felt. If we experience trauma at a younge age then it is important that help is sought out to address those emotional scars. If the trauma has not been addressed then it can be carried well into adulthood. Add insecurities, low self-esteem, and the closest adult to you in your life not believing you and that spells a recipe for an emotional breakdown. Join Latonia and her guest 'Susan' as they discuss the ramifications of secrecy of abuse.





Season 3 Episode 10         10/12/22


"You Have to Turn The Page; Do Not Give Up!" with Carolyn Rice


So many situations can come upon us in life to where the situation can sometimes get more attention than getting to, and seeing, our healing. We get stuck in a space of negativity and we may feel that giving up is our only option. We cannot see any other Way except the Way we are in. That Way can be depression, suicidal thoughts, pain, agony, and a mix of other negative emotions and feelings until we cannot see our way to the other side where peace, tranquility, forgivness, and compassion lives. Through the pain, we have to see our future and how we want that future to be. We have to seek God and trust that He has us in His Hands. Latonia has a conversation with her return guest from season 2 episode 14 Carolyn Rice about moving past pain and trusting God in the process by turning the page.

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