I want all of you to stay safe during this world pandemic.  In practicing safe and practical measures in coaching, I am not hosting any public gatherings or forums currently. I am available for virtual sessions through Zoom or Free Conference Call app. Please use the contact form to find out more information or simply click on the link below to send an email.

Please be praying, apply social distancing standards, shelter in place if at all possible, wear your mask, and please keep yourself and your families safe. 

Life can be difficult at times and we all need an ear and guidance to help us get back on track and stay focused.  Being an Empowerment and Leadership Coach helps me to assist you to do just that.  I can help you structure a LIFE GOAL and give you the tools to not only attain your goals but to maintain them.

Use the Contact form to send me a message to set up an initial appointment.

*Initial appointments are free!

I also assist with:

-Business goals                          

-Organization goals

-Setting up bylaws and to help fill out 501(c)3's

-Company/employee relationships

-Business Structuring or Restructuring.

-Book formation and editing

....and so much more!

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