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So What Now?

We are in a brand new year...2024, and if this year moves as fast as last year, then we better get to our goals and purposes very quickly. Time for procrastination is over. We have to double-down and get to the task at hand. What is the task? Well, the task is to be in a better place emotionally, physically, and spiritually, than last year. The goal is to always be in a better place than the year before. It may seem easier said than done but it really isn't. Focus is key. In a world where distractions are everywhere, our mind is to be centralized on our immediate needs and long-term goals instead of what's hot and trending. It is very tempting to try to keep up with what all the stars are doing but the stars already have their life on the trajectory they are striving for and it is up to us to do the same. We can look at a story without getting caught up in it. We have to live our lives to the fullest, and doing what is best for us, instead of living and watching everything star-related to the point of losing focus.

We also cannot get caught up, or sometimes jealous, of other people. We can look at the successes of others and wonder why our lives did not pan out like theirs, or even want to be in their place, but we have to be thankful for where we are right now and build on what we have not wish for the lives of others. If you want what they have then work hard to get it. Put strategies in place to propel yourself to where you want to be instead of envying others. That 'green-eyed monster' is one that can get us in trouble if we are not careful. We see the glamour but do not know what a person is going through. All we see is what they want us to see. Learn to look at your own life and give God thanks for what you have, because trust me, someone is looking at your life and envying what you have while you are thinking that you do not have enough or are not good enough; you really are.

Plan Plan and Plan some more. 2023 came and went like a world-wind leaving some of us in the dust. We are now in January. Before you know it, it will be springtime, 4th of July, Labor Day, then Thanksgiving and Christmas, and if the Lord blesses us to see 2025, let's not be in a position of asking ourselves, "Where did the year go?", as some of us are asking ourselves this year. So Now What? Set yourself up for success by not living in the past but learning from it and making a decision not to make the same mistakes but set up a Plan to make this year the best year ever!

It is great to be blogging again. I too was one of those people that got lost in the wind of 2023, but it is my prayer is to learn from last year and grow into this new year stronger than ever.

Be sure to catch the latest episode of the 'A Womans Soul: Restored" Podcast running in its 4th season.

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