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Speak Life and Then Be That Life You Speak!

Life can throw a curveball that can knock your feet from under you. No matter how strong we are, we all have had moments where it seemed like that was the final thing thats going to take us out this time. That thing that tried to shatter you and made life unbearable is that very thing that God is going to use, to not only stand you up, but to help others to stand as well.

The hardships of life can harden us. Make us numb to the beauty that is life itself, harden our hearts toward the people that love us, and make us begin to self-hate. That is the enemy's plan for us....But God. The Fruitful life is obtainable but we have to believe that it is when we can't see or feel it. Life is beautiful and a bounty of blessings, and even in those moments that we may feel our worst, we have to know that we serve a God that wants the best for us and He can turn our mess into our blessings.

Speak life to your spirit, write positive affirmations that you can see then speak them out loud. You cannot want people to believe good things about you when you don't believe them yourself.

Speak life and not death!


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