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Child-like Faith

On Sunday afternoon, I took a long and much needed nap after another bout with asthma early that morning, and I woke up around 9:30 pm. Before I drifted off, I was just smiling and thinking to myself.... We had took LilDuke-my grandson-home this afternoon, and I was just thinking about when I was holding him and playing with him over the course of the three days we had him, he is discovering what his body could do; so he was twisting and turning, as I stood him up on his legs, he would just jump and try to leap. He was bending in ways without even thinking that this lady might drop me. Babies and children are so trusting with us. They do not think that harm is going to come to them by our hands or that we will guide them wrong; they just trust us without thought. We are to be the same with our Father. To have that child-like faith to know that all the bends and twist that our lives take; that God has us. To just trust without thinking He is going to drop us or guide us wrong. Knowing that we are protected from hurt, harm, and danger. How many of us have heard stories or experienced things that should have taken us out? Things that we know that if it wasn't for God, that is on our side, where would we be? I know personally I have, but sometimes when God reveals something to me, that I think will be too hard, I question if it's for me or someone else. Trusting God, as a baby is trusting in their actions, is imperative for any success we have and our very survival. The less we depend on God and rely on ourselves; the more we find this life difficult and hard to maneuver. Child-like faith is a dependency on God that surpass our adult knowledge of being secure. Its knowing without a shadow of doubt that God has us safely guarded NO MATTER WHAT. I am deepening my relationship with my Father so I can develop that dependency to know that no matter how far I fall, how badly I am hurt, how much I am out of my comfort zone; through all the pitfalls and hard landings of life, that He is my Safe Place and Protection; whom or what shall I fear!

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