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The High Road

Growing up, I always heard my grandmother telling people to, "Take the High Road!" if she were speaking to them about something troubling. I wondered what that meant. We can hear things as children and as children do, we take it literally and think it to be to go to the highest point in a road or that some roads are higher than others. Life taught me different. I learned the hard way what the true meaning of this adage is, but it took years for me to get it right.

So what does it mean? Well, it has a simple meaning; that it is best to do what is right instead of being right. That is one way of phrasing it. We may be right in a situation, but sometimes we are so bent on proving that we are right until we then become wrong. We hurt people, get loud, argue, curse, and many other negatives just to prove we are right, when we can 'Take the High Rode' and let them have that little bit because in the long run, its better to walk away and try to find a peaceful end than to prove you are right and make things worse than they really are.

The next time someone is arguing with you and you know you are right, weigh your options and decide if proving your point and possibly making matters worse is more important than bowing out gracefully. The truth always has a way of coming out!

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