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Which Way are You Headed?

If we look at these stairs, our mind may wonder to one way or the other; going up the stairs or coming down. Our thoughts are contingent on the type of people we are. If we are upward, out-of-the-box thinkers, we may see ourselves going up the stairs while the person that is more laxed may see themselves coming down them. Stairs can also represent stages of our lives; sometimes we are on the upward trend and sometimes we are in a downward spiral, but one thing about matter how often you go up them or come down, they are study unless there is something structually wrong. We must remain sturdy and unmovable no matter what stage of life we are in. We cannot buckle down and fall when things are not going so good and we cannot get puffed up when things are going good. Paul said in all situations he knew how to be abaised and how to abound. We must be the same. Steady and straight is the way. We need to be up and down in our lives sometimes in order to truly appreciate God and to keep a healthy balance. Life throws us curve balls all of the time, so we must learn how to either go up the stairs or come down because being one way all the time leaves us stuck. If we go up the stairs with no way down, we are stuck and if we are down the steps and never go up, we are stuck also. Appreciate the downs that occur in our lives because we need the 'downs', even though we do not like them, just as much as we need the 'ups'. Remember to live life today and to definately love life today.....Have a blessed one!

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