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Let His Peace Overcome You!

When we think about a persons’ mind, or even our own mind, we may often think about how intelligent they are, or how well they can analyze or put things together. What about the peace of a person that affects the mind? Do we often wonder when we see someone that is acting out of character or even when we are out of sorts, do we link it to maybe our peace is off? It is so important for our well-being that our mind and spirit be on one accord. The spirit is at peace, but sometimes our mind is just so cluttered with the day to day business or just with whatever is going on in the present may cause our peace to be disturbed. There is something off in our psyche when we are not at peace and things that do not normally disturb us will cause us to panic and act erratic. When we have God’s peace in our lives, no matter what goes on around us, we know it is going to be alright and we act accordingly. Peace is very important because it brings our bodies into oneness with our soul and spirit. Our bodies are like a vehicle. When everything is running and in order, our vehicles run smoothly, but when the vehicle needs a tune-up, an oil change, or even if one of the headlights go out, the vehicle may still run and is drivable, but if it is not corrected, it begins to effect other things in the vehicle. Our bodies are the same way. If something is out of sorts, then we may look like nothing is wrong and we may even function the best we can, but eventually it will take a toll on us and begin to affect other areas. When our spirit, soul, and peace are not cohesive, we are not cohesive. Our peace is the quickest area to be affected by the day to day disruptions because the outward distractions disrupt our inner sanctions. Peace is vital and we must not take it for granted. We get so distracted that we lose focus on even the simplest matters and what is going on inwardly begins to show outwardly. Do not let anyone or anything disrupt your peace. Let it be well and know that our Father has everything under control. Our minds are so delicate, intricate and fragile until it does not take much to cause it to spiral and when it spirals, we follow; but it does not have to be that way. The hedge of protection that God provides for us includes our minds. Pray for peace and God will give it to you. Pray to be able to maintain peace ‘in spite of’ and He will give you rest. There is simply nothing like peace of mind. Be at peace today and every day. Pray that God brings everything in order that is not; including our minds. Remember to live life today and love life today. Have a blessed one.

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