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It's All About Building the Relationship!

Let your faith not waiver because of trials and tribulations. God is God all by Himself and He can do the impossible in our lives when we open our minds and hearts to Him. It is our Father’s good pleasure to bless us, so let us not be blinded by our temporary limitations and remember who we serve. Our faith is the key to our relationship with Him. It sets the tone for our fellowship, worship, and praise. Our faith acknowledges what level we believe that God is operating in our lives. The faith we had when we first became saved should not be the level we have as we grow in Him because the more we grow, the more we open ourselves up to what the Word says that our Father can do and the promises that He made us, so our faith should be growing as we are growing as Christians and developing our relationship with God. Moments of weakness does not mean that our faith is weak. It only means that we are human and have a momentary lapse, but we must quickly get back on track and not allow the enemy a foothold in our mind to plant seeds to further decrease our faith. Stay in the word and speak edifications to yourself and praises to our Father to help build faith. Remember what God has already delivered you from and that will also help in building faith because if He did it before, He can do it again! Our God is not a God of limitations but a God of limitless possibilities if we just believe! It may sound cliché, but our faith is grounded by what we believe. The things we do not believe to be so, we do not have faith in, and the things we do believe, we have faith it can happen. As we grow in our relationship and development, we will learn that we have to have faith to believe and not use our belief to have faith, but until then, build on what you have and strive to continue to build on your relationship with our Father. Remember to always live life now and love life now by trusting God in every area of your life; even the areas you do not understand yet or are still growing in. God bless!

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