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What Are You Searching For?

In this day and age, we are always searching for a way to do things better, smarter, wiser, etc. We study, ask questions, and google our way to the answers of life basic questions. We overlook the obvious in the hopes that there is another way besides the way we know. We limit ourselves to what people say and think about us. We ask how can we be better, prettier, smarter, and yes how much praise we are supposed to have. So what are we really searching for? Are we looking for perfection when the bible states that there is only one that is perfect? Are we looking for acceptance or approval? It can be a combination of all of these things. There is nothing wrong with inquiring about things we are not familiar with or want more knowledge on, but when it comes to our persons, praise, and positions, we should seek God for those answers. No two people praise alike and all praise is not loud. If you are comfortable with who God created you to be as a person, why seek the opinions of others. Be happy with the person God created you to be. If your current position in life is one that you have accepted, why ask others? So they can talk you out of what God has for you? People do not mean any harm sometimes, but your life is in God's hands so that's whom we are to seek about our life. We can ask God to guide us to people that may steer us in the right direction or may help us on our course, but we should always seek God first so that we will go to the right person, but most of the times, the answers to what we are looking for can be found if we just go to our Father. We may already have what we need, and just need God's revelation knowledge to help us find it. Seek God daily, as He has the plans for our lives and know that through Him, we can accomplish anything. Stop inquiring of people so much and begin to inquire of God. Remember to live life, love life, and have confidence in yourself and love yourself. God has equipped us with what we need and that includes us being in charge of our own lives......God bless.

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