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The Christmas Hangover

Wow, what a wonderful time of the year; Christmas. A time to spend with friends and family, see loved ones you have not seen in a while, and most importantly, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but for some, it goes beyond that. Spending, spending, spending, and even more spending until they have tap and maxed out of money and put their credit cards into overdrive, but what does this have to do with Christmas? From a realistic perspective, nothing. If the holidays brings the money bandit out of you, just keep in mind that January is always a week after Christmas. January is significant because it is the beginning of a new year with the same old bills. Rent/mortgage, light bill, water bill, gas if applicable, car note if applicable, groceries, etc will still be prevelant, and now you have the added burden of what you created with credit card debt or using funds that should have been set aside for January. We have lost the true meaning of Christmas and the meaning of good will towards men. That statement does not mean that we are supposed to go broke because of man, but goodwill is the kindnesses that we are capable of doing without spending a dime. Not keeping up with the Jones' because you do not know how they are making it either. Listening to children that do not have to provide for themselves in January, or trying to make a statement that you can do it when you really cannot. We buy them all the cool gadgets, accessories and name brands, but then in January, you see all that stuff either broken, misplaced, or piled in a corner. The Christmas Hangover is realizing that January is only a few days a way and you have 'buyer remorse' for all the money you have spent over the holidays. There is nothing wrong with buying for others, but everything needs to be done within reason and with wisdom. The bible states that 'Wisdom is the Principle thing, and with all your getting, get wisdom!' Very profound statement, but realizing it after the fact does not do your wallet or pocketbook any good, so if you have the Christmas Hangover, pray to God to be able to learn a lesson and not do it next year. If you do it next year, then your hangover is a problem that needs addressing. The reason for the season is not the Christmas Hangover but our Lord and Savior. Keep that in mind next holiday when you are weighing your options between buying many gifts or being prepared for January. Remember to live life now, love life now without the Christmas Hangover.....

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