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Are We Married to Technology?

Hello, and I am so happy to be able to blog again. Recently I had an issue with my computer to where I felt my life was on hold. Information for my business, the organization, projects, access to my school portal, and my personal data was all intertwined with my laptop. I felt lost trying to figure out how I was going to do all the things I do during a normal day without my laptop. It was difficult indeed. I spend many days pulling my locs trying to figure out what was wrong. I finally ended up restoring my laptop to the factory settings, but in doing that, I had to re-install many of the applications, upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, and still take a final that needed to be done online as well. I did not realize how tied I was to my laptop until I did not have access to do my basic daily task. It had all the makings for a marriage that was on the rocks. Drama, frustration, we needed eachother but did not understand what was going on, and it is a big part of my life. I can imagine the people that have all that technology on their phones, tablets, and other devices that allow you to be a 'techie on the go!' My phone is old school and I am kind of glad it is because if I had that much access to technology along with my regular use, my name would be Latonia Express, but I text 99.9% of the time; hating to have a conversation on the phone unless its absolutely necessary. Texting just seems easier, so I do it alot. My husband, who swore up and down that he would never get a facebook account and could not understand why I was on it, now uses his android phone to post pictures of his travels in the truck and his views on other subjects. I use facebook, twitter and other social media to network my business, the organization, and myself for speaking opportunities and more. So I pose a question......Are we married to technology? Are we so deeply involved in the computer age until we are tied at the neck? My husband is a truck driver, so I spend more time with my laptop than with him. Its odd, but true. Many aspects of my life are wrapped up in a pretty bow in my laptop and flash drive. Its seem almost mechanical saying it that way, but its true. So how many of you have thought about the amount of time and what is vested into your devices? If you take a moment to analyze it, you might be surprised. Remember to live life now, love life now-maybe that includes accepting the shift of technology being an intrigal part of our daily lives. God bless!

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