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Time Stands Still for No One

I often hear people talk about their past as if they wish they could go back. They marvel at days gone by as if their lives have stopped completely. Life has so many twists and turns and sometimes where we end up is not where we thought we would be. No matter how planned or structured we are, things happen that can throw our lives complely off course....It's called LIFE! Life happens. Only God knows how each of our days are going to be and how our lives are going to play out. Yes, it is great to plan and have our lives in order, but sometimes unforseen circumstances can change our total direction, but does that mean we are off course all together? Think about it. How many times have we thought we were supposed to be doing one thing, but end up doing something completely different? Did it deter you? Make you angry or upset? Or did you shrug it off and followed your new path? Whatever your answer, life is going to happen anyway. Just like Christmas is going to come if we are ready or not, bills come in the mail even if we do not have all the money and we have to go to the grocery store regardless if we have money to do major shopping or just enough to hold us over. Some things we just must do because if we do not pay our bills and act like we did not get them, something is going to get cut off, or if we do not go to the grocery store, our stomachs are going to be talking to us because time does not stand still waiting for us to catch up.

When we look in the mirror, what image do we see? How do we see ourselves, in the present or in the past? Do we look at and apprciate the true image that is displayed? Do we love every ripple, wrinkle, signs that we are not as young as we used to be? How do we view the image? Do we embrace it or try to see what we looked like 10 or 20 years ago? The longer we stay in the past, the longer it takes for us to get to a place internally were we are ready for the blessings God has for us now. The longer we 'pine away' for what we were, the longer it takes for us to become our authentic selves. I talk about my youth often, the many things that God has delivered me from and even my childhood, but I do not want to go back because I am so in tune with my feminity and the woman God wants me to be than I was in my 20's or 30's and I will probably have more understanding in my 50's because the natural order is as we get older, we are supposed to learn; have wisdom. My life has taught me many lessons, none that I would want to trade, but I am looking forward to my future and what God has yet in store for me. Time is not standing still so appreciate where you are now. There is nothing wrong with talking about your past and having a laugh or two, but do not try to disregard the person you are now for who you were then. Live life now, love life now!

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