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We All Must Adapt at Some Point

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Sometimes in life, we can get caught off guard with situations that happen to us that turns our world upside down. We find ourselves in positions that are unfamiliar to us. So what are we to do when this happens? We have many options....we can try and act like nothing is going on, over-react, tell everybody we know our problems to get sympathy or even help, or maybe, just maybe, we can adapt to our situarions. Most of the time, none of the aforementioned solutions are one's that will benefit us, so we can align ouselves to flow as the problem flows and stand on God's word for or breakthrough. It may make us feel uncomfortable and we may be out of our comfort zone all together, but in life we must adapt to various situations, life circumstance, and untimately we will be able to adjust to the problem and overcome it and not let the problem take over our lives. Twist, contort, maneaver, alter and bend your mind and body to be able to go as your situation goes and stand as God will have you to stand. If it is cold outside, we adapt and put on a coat, when it is hot, we put on cooler clothing, when we get angry, we remove ourseves from the situation....all of these are ways we adapt to life without even looking at it that way or giving it a second thought. We just do what we have to in order to perserve ourselves. Learn to adapt and not panic. Live life today and love life today!

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