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Tic Tock

As we live and each day passes us by, we take it for granted that tomorrow is not promised to us. We tend to say things like, 'I will do it tomorow!' or 'I got plenty of time!', but no man knows when their time to leave this earthly vessel is, so why put things off? Sometimes procrastination becomes our best friend and we just become accustomed to putting everything off until whenever, or avoiding it all together, but when it is all said and done, how much time do we really have? Ofcourse we cannot just sit around and worry about if each day is going to be our last, but the clock is ticking. Each day that passes mean that is a day we have lost that cannot be recaptured. If we are doing all we can do each day and not putting off what we can do for a future time, we will be living to our fullest potential and as the clock tic tocks, each moment will be one of being fruitful, beneficial, and making a difference not only in our lives, but in the lives of others. Do not get stuck in the town of idleness located in the city of lost dreams because the longer you reside there, the more it becomes home. The clock is life now, love life now without wasting another moment! God bless!

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