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We all have had problems and situations when we felt like giving up. We feel depressed and sometimes hard to be around because we let the problem consume us. I personally have been in many of those situatons, and I was thinking more about the situation than about God. I know it is easy to say it when you are not going through it, but what changes when we are in the midst of our pit? Life can sometimes be so beautiful and then sometimes we just are ready for the next day, but the thing about that is we are alive to go through. It does not feel like it when we are going through it, but it is a blessing to be alive. Now the enemy will have us think it is better to be dead, but we know he is a liar and that is far from the truth. God is too good for us to stay focused on the problem. What has been working for me is reaizing that he is after me so hard because God is getting ready to bless me real good. So I have decided to give him nothing; not my tears, my sadness, my sorrow, my disappointment because that is what he wants me to do. I am going to do as God wants me to do because my praise is not conditional but predetermined. The rocks will not have my praises and even in the midst of, I will still praise Him with joy and thanksgiving. Now it is your turn to make up your mind to praise instead of pout, celebrate instead of complain, and live instead of being just alive. Life is so much more than breathing, but it is the footprint of our very being. Change your footprints today to reflect taking a new path to your of living every day with a sense of appreciation and gratitude. You will see a change when you do. Remember to live life now, love life now! Have a blessed one!

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