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Life is too short to waste it!

If we look at life and all the advantages we have, we would not be so apt to take it for granted. God is love and if He is on the inside of us, we are love as well. Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Live your life with love and love to live your life. If we love each other, then it would not be so easy to hurt who we love. Take the time to smell the flowers, to breath in the air that surrounds us, take time to soak in all that is around us....the sun that shines so brightly even when its cold, the wind that blows the cool air of the day and the ground that produces life. Enjoy different foods and experiences, live outside of the box or the four walls. Be willing to take risk. Falure only makes you stronger if you look at it that way. Take the time to do all you can while you still can. Take the time to appreciate His goodness, grace, and mercy. Just take time to live and love, appreciate and worship, and to honor and be at peace.


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