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The Compromising Christian

I have not posted in a while because I have finals for both of my classes, getting ready for our active season with the organization, finalizing publication and cover for the book and countless other things, but something came to my attention last Sunday that I wanted to address. Our Sunday School lesson was addressing the issue of Christians being in situations that they should not be in because we are so apt to follow the world standards. Then my brother, who is an Evangelist at my church, gave a message along the same lines. Now he was not in Sunday School, but God has a way of getting a point across to His people in the form of confirmations. I thought about this intently because we hear about Pastors and spiritual leaders who ‘fall’ because of being in situations that they should not be in, but what about us; everyday Christians that take it for granted that our walk should be one of truth, purity, and non-compromising. That does not mean we have to judge others but we are to help them to see another way and we cannot do that if we are letting them dictate what we should do. How do we compromise? By settling for less than what God word says and what His word is. It is easy to read, study, and quote scriptures, give our testimonies of deliverance, and come to service on Sundays and Bible Study whatever day of the week it is on, but what about our everyday living? How are we doing? Are we settling for the world standard and turning our back on God’s word? You may say it is harsh to put it that way, but it’s the only way to put it. Its’ like we wear our spiritual selves sometimes, then sometimes we just conform to what the enemy says. Let us not be followers of anything that does not line up with the word of God. The world may say that some things are acceptable that the word says are not. We either are followers of the Word or of the world, but we cannot be both. We can either please man or please God, worship idols or worship the one true living God. It does not matter what our friends think, all that matters is that we are living as holy as we can. If anything, we need to help our friends to line up with God; to help save their souls. We should rub off on them and not them on us if they are in the world. So many times, we worry about what people think about us instead of doing the will of God. Stop trying to follow the whims and logic of the world and worrying about what people think because we all are accountable as individuals for our actions not as groups, so act as an individual and stand for God. Remember to live life now, love life now. Have a blessed one!

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