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Why We Do the Things We Do?

Day to day, as time passes us by and we watch the different people we encounter each day, we may begin to wonder why people do the things they do, or even why we do the things we do. Each person has an engine that is specifically for them and trying to understand why a person functions the way they do is frutile. We are all hand-crafted originals by our Father and no manner of comprehension can help us understand someone; even when we think we do. We can find ourselves thinking or saying sometimes, 'I thought I knew you!' or 'I did not think you had it in you.' The people we think we know tend to surprise us the most when they do something we think is 'out of their character', but the truth is we do not know every aspect of their character just like we do not know the same about ourselves. We surprise ourselves sometimes with actions we may do either positive or negative. We have undiscovered gifts and talents that amaze us when we do things we thought we could not do. On the other end of that, we can have tendencies in us that may have a negative condentation and we may think we did not know we were that type of person. Unfornately, there are positives and negatives to everything because none of us are perfect, but the percentage of each is based on our persona and our awareness of self. What we may see as a little thing may be massive to someone else and vise versa. Even though we are not perfect beings, we must be compassionate and considerate beings. When we do not think that something is wrong, we must consider that someone else might think so and there is always more than one way to do anything. Some people are thinkers, but some take it to the next level to meditate. Some people love to cook, but some may take it to the next level of becoming a chef; or even not as widespread as that, they may cook everyday when someone else may cook once or twice a week, but they still love to cook. We are amazing creatures with so many attributes to each of us. It is hard enough to understand ourselves sometimes instead of trying to figure out someone else. Let us just accept people the way they are, without question, just as we want them to accept us just as we are. The reason why we do the things we do is simply because we are who we are; different.

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