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It's a New Year, and.............

Happy New Year to all of you.......God has brought us into another year; another season. Some of you may be making resolutions and feeling good about yourselves today, but as the year goes on, a bleekness comes about at the realization that you may not be able to accomplish your resolutions. I never believed in resolutions because I set goals all throughout the year to try and follow. I have seen people with this major 'let down' because they could not uphold their resolution. We have no problems with not attaining personal goals we set within the year, but it seems like a life altering event when the resolution is not obtained. It might be because we look at a new year as a time to set expectations for the entire year, and if we miss the mark, that makes us a failure. Failing does not make us a failure, it just means we are human and we miss the mark at times. If you are going to do resolutions or whatever goals you set, make sure they are obtainable. If you set the mark too high, the let down is even higher. If you set very high goals, make sure that you have the mindset to do what is necessary to accomplish it. Realize who you are and what you are willing to do before setting your goals. If you are willing to stretch yourself to reach your pennicle, then go for it, but if you are complaciant with your actions, then you will be the same when it comes to your goals. Be reasonable with what you set for yourself and understand your persona so you will not set yourself up for failure. In 2015, live life and love life to the fullest. God bless!

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