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To Think or not to Think; Is that the Question?

God has equipped us with the intellegence to think beyond what our forefathers thought, push imanginations to the limit, we have the will of invention and the process of know-how. MENSA is one of the largest associations in the world for people with exceptional intelligence. On the opposite side of that, staticts show that we only use 7-12% of our brain capacities. So what does that mean? It means that we are capable of so much more than we exhibit. It also shows that we use enough of our brain mass to just get by. Instead of tapping into the hidden parts of our mind to discover it possibilities and capabilities, it is easier to give up. Giving up is the excuse to not push ourselves to discovery. What if we took the time to discover what all we can do with our minds, thoughts, and mentality? Our mental facalities would probably be beyond the stretch of our imanginations. We hear of superhumans that are able to do incredible things that we sometimes do not tend to believe becuse it seems unreal. Could it be that those people have tapped into what we have not yet? Being passive is easier than being aggressive. You can argue that I am wrong, but the proof is in what the average person gives up on in fear of failure than pushing forth to pursue the vision. How many dreams were buried with people not fulfilling them? Does the graveyard have more vision than we here walking around? We get so caught up in what the stars are doing, where the next dollar is coming from or why our neighbor is driving our dream car until we lose track of the real and final can be long but it is short, and the space we use our thougts in can either push us to success or be the driving force to our failure, but it is in your hands; or rather in your minds. Make a decision to tap into that unused 90% of the mind that is just waiting on us to say, 'I am ready!' Even if we delve into just a small percentage more than we use now, imagine where could we be and what we could do! Remember to live life now and love life now. Think beyond what you think you can do.

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